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1. Garlic Bread. I could eat it with every meal

2. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels from Costco

3. New Girl + Brooklyn 99

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I'm not here to just show up with a camera and shoot. I wanna be more than that for you. This is a two way relationship, I don't create for, I create with. I do this because I want photos to be more than photos to you. 

Let’s do this, lovely. Head over to my contact form to discuss details of whatever your little heart desires. 

Photos: Rachel Wakefield Photography

Hey, I'm Taylor

I'm just your average enneagram type 4 (The Romantic). I love to dance + I've recently become obsessed with fried pies + rolled ice cream. Truly though, I just enjoy any type of good food. I also own the most beautiful pit bull named Charlie. She loves to go anywhere that I go so we venture on a lot of car rides + walks together.  I try to visit a few new cities every year because I love different cultures + the idea of experiencing something new. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a focus in Latin American Studies and Spanish from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Music Festivals are my jam and in the summer you will find me enjoying my time at the lake with my family or eating a hot dog at a baseball game.

Photos: Rachel Wakefield Photography

I am flexible + easy going & jump at the opportunity for a last minute coffee date with a friend or a random road trip. When it comes to relationships with others, I am genuinely interested in understanding people + caring for their well being. I would say that the most important thing about me is that I love Jesus! My relationship with him began when I was just seven years old + it has been my hearts desire to show His reckless love to everyone in my life. I find joy in investing my talents in the lives + ministry of others to enable them in increasing their effectiveness while using their gifts for the glory of God cross culturally. I am very active in my church as well as other local non-profit organizations.

I love being able to serve the people of my community.

My Story

My love for serving people first drew me into overseas missions. My first experience was in Costa Rica my freshman year in high school. I was hooked. There is no greater joy to me than serving Jesus through relationships with His children. I have now been on 7, 2 week mission trips to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Those experiences led me to doing an internship in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. While these experiences were life-giving on many levels + my love for people grew during that time, I had a deep desire to be creative again.


When I returned home, a job in the Creative Arts Field opened up for me. I got the privilege to design stage sets that were on edge + create an environment that drew people into worship. Through my work, I began to hunger for more creativity. I have always been a creative but this is where my love for graphic design + photography came in. Photography was always something I loved but never had the time or opportunity to pursue. So I bought a camera + began to invest my time in classes to grow my understanding of my camera + Adobe Creative Suite. I was absolutely hooked. I still to this day thoroughly enjoy stretching my creativity.

I would say that God has given me a love for people + that passion is what drives me. I love to incorporate my own life experiences into my designs. I want emotion to overflow when people see my work.  Creating imagery both in photography and graphic design is more about the feelings and relationships that come out of the image than about the transaction. So let's hang, grab a cup of coffee and imagine together!


Photo: Alexandra Renee Photo


Photos: Heather Hall Photography


1. I have six siblings.

2. Ice Cream is by far my favorite food.

3. I have an obsession with brushing my teeth.

4. Bedtime is my favorite time of day.

5. Some movies make me cry.

6. I drink coffee every morning.


Photo: Alexandra Renee Photo

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